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Pretty straightforward question: How do I set up my computer to get all things working smoothly for a Tibia session? what resolution, graphics and game options should be adjusted? What should I do in order to get a top notch game play experience?
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Is this asking for more than what's already covered in: https://www.tibiaqa.com/39/how-to-fix-lag-improve-in-game-latency and https://www.tibiaqa.com/102/how-to-fix-low-fps-in-tibia ? If so, in what way?
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Yes, it is. I'm referring here also to what is better regarding graphical settings, anti-aliasing, smooth retro and etc. Also, I'm asking on how it merges with latency and everything in between for a good gameplay experience.

But you are partially correct, I should maybe remove the latency part and put it more focused on graphical/memory performance.
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Ellotris, I modified the question in order to avoid any confusion with latency answers. Thanks for the heads up!

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If you have an amd graphic board you should use this configuration that I will post here below. This settings has been tested by me and by many other people to be the best optimized one for boosting your fps and performance on Tibia, you use active OpenGL on Tibia as the engine selected.

For nvidia cards the best general options are the next:
1- Put this to maximum performance , with this your card will prioritate performance over quality , this will give you some extra fps.

Now go to manage 3d settings , select your Tibia client and make sure you have that option selected as the next image:

Now we will select a better performance for OpenGL , so select on your Tibia client OpenGL as the engine for graphics and on nvidia settings change this next thing:


With this changes you will get more fps , I tested it on my laptop (nvidia) and on my Pc (Amd) and I got more fps as a better performance ingame , there is more settings to improve it but I cannot put all of them in a single answer so try this and I am sure you will get nice results

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Awesome! I did it here and I am testing it now
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One thing worth to do additionally is to adjust your keyboard configuration in order to minimize "step lag".

enter on your Keyboard Settings and set "Key Repeat Rate" to fast and "Repeat Delay" to slow.

Information obtained on: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=announcement&announcementid=79&boardid=13#5e
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1.- Keep your drivers updates (Use Driver Booster).

2.- Keep your pc clean (Virus/Malware). Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 have free version and works fine.

3.- Keep clean your desk, if you have to many files it can reduce your pc capacity.

4.- Defragment your disc every 3 month at least.

5.- Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), go to Startup, here you can see all programs startup when you turn on your pc. Now select all secondary programs an disable it, keep only the necessary. Can try with Services too.

6.- Press Windows+R, write msconfig and now OK. Go to Boot. Advanced Options press Number of Processors and use the most high number you see.

7.- Tibia Client Settings: On Graphics Engine test yourself what give you more FPS.

8.- Tibia Client Settings:  Unselect V-Sync.

9.- Tibia Client Settings:  Select No Frame Rate Limit

10.- Tibia Client Settings:  Unselect Show Light Effects

11.- Download Leatrix Latency Fix, this give you better ping and its safe/free.

12.- Download and use Razer Cortex, this app is free and safe (Its Razer). When you open the client with Razer it gonna close secondary app and give you more memory ram.

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The Leatrix software that you are recommending is safe to use? I never heard about that before... IS it ok to use it along with th BattleEye on Tibia Client?
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It is completely safe, because it is not related to Tibia. In fact, it was created by World of Warcraft fans and millions of players use.
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Cool! I will try to use it so! Thanks a lot for the good answer!
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Everything will depend on the operathing system, which you use, it is also important to the transfer rate and the RAM of your CPU. And, this is important for your system settings.
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Could you elaborate more on that? How it works the frame rate thing and how it can me adjusted? What I need to know?
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