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Depending on where you live in the world, some postal services across the globe can be quite problematic. As we can read on Tibia FAQ, a new RK that never reached the address intended will not be reimbursed.

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But is there any way where we can actually pay for the tracking of the letter somehow? Or there is no way of doing it? If after a month without the letter arrival, my only resource is to pay for another RK if the local mail service can't tell me anything about the Cipsoft's letter?

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No, tracking this letter is a security breach.
The same goes for mail containing sensitive data.
It's a known procedure in the mail system (in Brazil as well) some mails are not to be tracked.

Federal Police officers are the only ones allowed to verify the contents of the letter and track it fully, although that requires a warrant. (In Brazil)

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Since I know you cannot track, it will depends on how fast the mal service in your countrie is. For example I know that in Brazil RK takes like 1Month or more but in Spain the normal is 1-2 Weeks.

I think the only way is to wait and see references of friends in the same citie or countrie to have an idea of how much longer it will takes.
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Yes, that's a correct information. Here in Brazil people usually wait 1 month or more for the RK... That's what I got as a reference here.

Thanks for the answer!
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Also in some conutrys like Venezuela it NEVER arrived.
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It can take over a month. I know someone who had to wait well over a month and they live in the United States. Mistakenly they ordered another recovery key and ended up  with two. Please be patient, I understand it's important to have one but I'd wait a little over the month. I believe you cannot track it because it's just shipped with a letter not a package.