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If yes, on what level such feat can be done? If not, what is the minimum amount of people needed to complete it?

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Yes u can make this quest solo, about lvlcap in my opinion 60lvl should be enough but it depends on your voc (ofc higher lvl is safer). If you will follow the walkthrough the most powerful monsters you will encounter will be all kind of "weak" dwarfs, furious trolls, troll legionnaires and mechanical fighters. Trolls and fighters arent very powerful (max dmg in close combat is 100-200) and have about 250hp but there are a lot of them. The problem is also that if you get lost you can hit much stronger monsters like dragon lords, demonic imps or warlocks.That's why it's best to do missions with a spoiler https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Hidden_City_of_Beregar_Quest/Spoiler

Btw only quest on firewallker boots have required level 100 to complete

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I did all but the last mission (Pythius) a couple of months back at somewhere around lvl 77-78 EK.  The Royal Rescue is fine but you are going to take a lot of damage going through the troll cave to rescue and their invisibility is a pain in the a$$.  I went in with too few HP's and after the rescue stood at the far end of the prison and used the teleport scroll to escape (thank you trusty TP scroll). So dont forget those mana/hp potions and good luck :)
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Awesome tip regarding the TP scroll! I will certainly make my arrangements for this quest if I go solo. Thank you everyone!