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Hellgorak is the last boss of the Inquisition Quest and the one that you need to kill convincing the Dreadbeasts to attack him. As a player can only convince a maximum of 2 creatures, this boss is usually killed in groups of players.

There are some videos in youtube (search: itexo inquisition) that shows that it is perfectly fine to kill the boss with only 2 players, but I wonder if it is possible to kill with just 1 player (solo).

I didn't make the PoI Quest, so I can't access this boss. Have anyone tried this? As there is no time limit to kill this boss and his healing per minute is quite low, it seems to be possible.

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Based on my experience, I didn't get solo. I did the test with druid 688, unfortunately the two dreadbeasts were not enough to kill Hellgorak. The "Drowning" damage of dreads was around 200 to 250 and Hell heals pretty much that. It's a difficult task, especially without the "mas res", as it is necessary to keep healing dreadbeasts convinced of Hellgorak's attacks.


A dreadbeast loses 258 hitpoints due to an attack by Hellgorak.

A dreadbeast loses 236 hitpoints due to an attack by Hellgorak.

You heal a dreadbeast for 258 hitpoints.

You heal a dreadbeast for 236 hitpoints.

Hellgorak loses 223 hitpoints due to an attack by a dreadbeast.

Hellgorak loses 244 hitpoints due to an attack by a dreadbeast.

Hellgorak healed itself for 453 hitpoints.
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Thank you very much for taking your time to test if this was possible!
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I appreciate it, I'm glad I could help :)
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I didn't want to answer myself, because I didn't test it lately, but yeah, about 2 years ago I tried to kill Hellgorak solo and I failed as a druid because Hellgorak's healing was higher than the damage dealt by dreadbeasts.