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December is approaching and without pushing control in the waiting room of the Percht Queen it is very likely that I will be doing this boss alone. Will it be possible to do it successfully? How should I proceed to succeed?

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The perfect way to do it alone is creating a summon when you are inside, for example create frost giant and use firebomb to trap it so the frost trolls will stay with him and he wont move , with this way you are free to do the steps to put the wood and fire elemental to the queen without problem.
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This work only on non-pvp worlds where your bombs  dont hit yours summons.
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actualy, there is no need to hit your summons with the bombs, I mean is about technique to use it on the right sqm, aswell you can use fire walls or fire field runes if you are not very skilled
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I always do it with my 500 ms. No mistake and you can do it in time
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Doing it yourself is quite problematic, even more so if you are a knight or paladin. The best strategy is to do it with a mage or druid and summon 2 rats that you lock in a cage with fire walls, Annoying trolls target rats and you light a fire and move fire elemental to the queen. In my opinion it's best to do this boss in 2 people, ek + ms / ed, knight have exeta so it can easily move fire elemental and magical profession does what I described above.

Solo knight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-eRtBpRKf0

Solo mage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji6kIN42KVE
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  • Prepare in advance and learn the mechanics of how to defeat the boss by watching videos or reading tutorials. For Knights/Paladins: Youtube tutorial by Xarkost For Mages: Youtube tutorial by Shawtay (lol me) Or read this TibiaQA tutorial: How to kill the Percht Queen which also seen from TibiaWiki which I'll copy and paste below.
  • Make sure the Percht Minions are being tanked by your summons. Mages can use summon creature spell and can summon a rat for example. Paladins and Knights can bring an animate dead rune with 2 fresh corpses of rats from Thais for example to summon a skeleton. Bring fire bombs or walls to make sure the summon stays with the Percht Minions.
  • Remember to bring your elemental weapon and great fireball runes to kill The Percht Queen. Don't hit her with Ice (so take off your ice weapon and remove ice spells to be on the safe side if you're clumsy) This can make her frozen again and will make you repeat the process.
  • I recommend closer to level 100 at least so you can be faster if going solo. There are some dangers on the way going to the boss as well.
  • Mages are easiest to go solo, but it's also doable with Knights and Paladins
  • Avoid getting kicked out of The Percht Queen boss room, remember the key points:
    If you run north without being a Burning ManYou're only a Burning Man for 1 minute So be careful do not run north without being Burning.
    If you do not stay warmYou only stay warm for 1 minute before you're kicked out. So make sure you go to the upper bonfire to stay warm.
    If you run out of timeYou get only 25 minutes in the room, so plan ahead and watch some tutorials.

    *Also, if you run out of the teleport accidentally this is another way where you get kicked out of the room. So be careful when you're going into the green vortex. If you get kicked out of the room you can not return even if you did not get a chance to defeat the Percht Queen. This means you have to wait until the cooldown is over which is 20 hours. (Source)

To get into her lair, you need a disguise, get a pair of  Twig Arms, 1 Broken Bell, and a pair of Percht Horns and once you are in location, use one of the items on another to get disguised.


  1. When arriving at the room, all players should right-click the  Warm Bonfire and pick up the  Warding Torch that will appear on the sqm in front of the bonfire. Then they should step on the  Vortex of Nature and be transformed into a Leaf Golem. Be aware that the warding torch has a 40-second timer and it will only keep you warm for an amount of time, it’s advised to pick up 2 at least. As a personal note, before we start, we like to get a mage to summon a couple of chickens downstairs and then go upstairs for the Percht Minions to target them, and then go down again and trap them with fire walls.
  2. Walk to the right end of the room and step on the grass. A  Wild Growth like will appear next to the grass. Use it 5 times and with each click a  Branch will appear in front of the tree. Pick them up.
  3. Run to the southern end of the room and use the  Warding Torch on the  Burn Out Bonfire. Once it turns into a  Smoldering Bonfire, use the wood on it. After 20 branches are used, it will transform into  Blazing Bonfire and a  Warm Fire (Fire Elemental like) will appear.
  4. Use the Blazing Bonfire, that will burn you,   and then lure the Warm Fire to the Frozen Percht Queen. For The Percht Queen to unfreeze you will need to lure 4 Warm Fires for them to attack her. Once it’s not frozen, proceed to attack her with fire (GFB). Be aware of her beams, and for any reason walk near her if you are not burning because you would be teleported outside the room.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Winterlight_Solstice