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In the Summer Update 2021, a new quest was introduced,  Too Hot to Handle Quest (or warzone 7,8,9 as it is commonly known). In order to get access to the final boss you have to improve your Crystal Shield (upgrade to Shield Level 6) by getting Crystal Splinters  and you can get these splinters by doing different tasks that reward you with different amounts of Crystal Splinters.

How can I get Crystal Splinters in the Too Hot to Handle Quest solo? Are there certain tasks, or is this not possible?

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FYI: The names "Warzones 7-9" may be used by players but are completely wrong. Unlike the Warzones 1-3 and 4-6, the new dungeons aren't called Warzones by NPCs or CipSoft.

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This is very dependent of your level, skills and intention. Do you want to start the quest from scratch and kill the final boss? Gather a team. You won't be able to solo the final boss easily, maybe at all. You have finished the access and simply want to get Crystal Splinters to farm one or two daily Caskets? Now this is possible!

First, I must assume you can collect the necessary Protective Layer and can either run or kill your way to the tasks. Warzone 7 and 8 are quite easy to run since the monster density is low and the way is short. Warzone 9 is quite challenging even for high levels. My best advice is to wear the best protection in each place. That is, mostly earth but also energy and death for Warzone 7, fire and death for Warzone 8, ice and holy for Warzone 9.

Now the tasks that are worth/possible to do solo:

Warzone 7: I wouldn't bother with those two. They are worth 10 Splinters each and are very time limited. The digging task is highly dependent on how lucky you are and the killing task time is just too low to solo.

Warzone 8: these are the two easiest tasks to solo! The scout task is fairly easy for mages because you can UH the gnome, while EKs and RPs have to be very aware of the surroundings. Destroy fire fields, wait lava holes to become inactive, shelter the Gnome from the mobs. The wax task is easy if you are fast enough in the floor tile. These will give you 20 and 10 Splinters, respectively.

Warzone 9: these are the hardest but also the most rewarding tasks. I wouldn't bother with the Mega Magmaoid task, since it's quite difficult to keep the creatures from healing each other and you won't have enough firepower to kill them in time. The fishing and the lost structure tasks are definitely possible to do solo if you know all the mechanics in there. These will give you 25 and 30 Splinters, respectively.

If you do the four tasks (2 in wz 8 and another 2 in wz9), you will get 85 Splinters, which is enough to buy one daily Casket and be left with another 10 Splinter for the next day.

Source: my own knowledge. I've been doing theses tasks in teams daily with a 900 ED and a 350 ED and solo with my 900 ED.

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Great, thank you! it helps a lot and you are right, the ones you mentioned (once you know and mastered the mechanics) are the best ones to solo.

You also mentioned something important. Crystal splinters are not only to access the boss, you can also farm them and trade every 75 for an Eldritch Casket.
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I think that it is very difficult to do some tasks solo because, task number two requires a good dmg and it's hard to do it in a duo too.. After all, you don't have to complete every task to move on, so you can safely collect your points only on the first digging task, but it will take you much longer time.