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Before giving me a downvote, look on what I just saw on Tibia.com website TODAY, right at the space where you can see the benefits of Store and Premium:

I spotted it while navigating at this part of the website. Check it by yourself!


How do I get offline experience so? Or is it meant to be skill experience?

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So far, it seems that the new advertising can be understood wrongly as reference to a "XP offline trainer", while in fact, the XP mentioned there is probably a reference to "skill experience". Currently, you cannot get offline experience in Tibia.

For me personally this is an example of misleading ad, since EVERY gamer out there will think that this is a reference to making experience for levels (XP is an universal short term that usually applies to the experience to be made for levels). Active Tibia veterans will probably understand this as well, but they might be shocked at first glace with this ad.

EDIT: Although people downvoted me, rest assured that people INDEED was confused by such thing appearing in Tibia.com website. They even changed the image text to avoid confusions and questions like mine coming from newcomers or people returning to the game!

So, you cannot get experience offline currently in Tibia. I rest my case.

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Updated the answer with important information regarding the subject.
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There are two options, either it is a simple mistake and it's about skill, or the upcoming announcements of improvements to the houses will add the option of offline exp which in my opinion is an idiotic and destructive idea because it will make tibia pay to win even more
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I thought about the same thing. Let's see what happens...
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The image shows you what kind of exp you can gain offline but yes it should be skill exp or train while offline...
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At the moment there is no such possibility, maybe they want to introduce it? that wouldn't be stupid.

I hope this is just a mistake and it's really only about offline skills.