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A question made here on this website in the past revealed important detail related to one of the Ice Islands located on the northwestern area of Carlin (the big ones are Senja, Vega, Folda):


However, just one of these piece of lands got explained on the question above. What about the rest of the Ice Islands? How do I get to each one of these Islands and what is the name of each one of them?

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Detailed explanations with images are welcomed.

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The Ice Islands

To get to Folda, Senja and Vega all you need to do is go North West of Carlin and ask Svenson for a trip to either one of these islands. Below is a picture from Carlins boat to the NPC Svenson. Note: To get back to Carlin just ask for Tibia. 

In your picture your asking specifically about the three little Ice Islands. We only know how to go to 2 out of the 3 little islands, so of course let me go over them all. To access the Arctic Fauns Island you need to go to Port Hope and ask Captain Charles for a shortcut (Hi, Shortcut, yes, *Whichever town*) There's a small chance you'll get shipwrecked to the Arctic Fauns Island. This is the only way to access the island. You may attempt this every 20 hours.

Banors Eye is said to be unreachable (I'm not sure how to get to this island- it seems to be unknown if y'all have any ideas definitely share your thoughts)

To reach the other island left of Banors eye and marked on the map with Folda simply go to Folda by asking Svenson. Once you arrive at Folda walk to the red circle then go downstairs. (Pictured Below)

Once downstairs your going to be where the yellow star is just walk to the red dot which is on the right of the map near water, then go up the hole.

Once you go up you'll be on this island where the red dot is!

..I wanted to include additional information about the other ice islands I hope you don't mind I thought I had to as they are also ice islands.

Svargrond of course is a city you can travel to from certain Captains like Captain Fearless in Venore.  Very important you don't kill the huskies in Svargrond or else you will pay.  Please note that to get to the majority of the next Ice Islands I am going to list you need the Barbarian Test Quest and the Ice Island Quests. 

To get to Tyrsung, Okolnir, Barbarian Camps (Bittermor, Krimhorn, Ragnir) and Helheim you can ask Buddel whom is the NPC south in Svargrond to take you to these locations after you've completed the Barbarian Test Quest and parts of the Ice Island Quest. A word of caution Buddel will steal your dwarven rings in your bag and sometimes he'll take you to the wrong place so be on your toes. Keep in mind you can also walk to Bittermor, Krimhorn, and Ragnir by going to Svargrond and heading out west, however easiest way would be of course to ask Buddel. Hrodmir is actually situated right near Bittermor, Kirmhorn, and Ragnir it's actually the largest Ice Island.

To gain access to these next islands you need to have succeeded the Barbarian Test Quest and parts of the Ice Island Quest then go to Iskan whom is north west of the ship on a slab of ice shown in the picture. I recommend you bring ham with you if you don't want to kill polar bears as ham is needed to travel to the islands here. Iskan will take you to Nibelor if you ask him for a passage or hop into the sled right next to him.

In Nibelor if you walk to the east you can go to Inukaya and Grimlund by hopping in the sled with a piece of ham in your backpack. Grimlund is a small island east of Nibelor with Chakoyas. You need to have The Ice Island Quest up to mission 5 (Cure the Dogs) to be able to access the sled. 

You can then travel back to Nibelor by hopping back in the sled then to get back to Svargrond by walking west in Nibelor. Once you find NPC Nilsor ask for a passage back or hop in the sled again and use a piece of ham!

I also wanted to include one last location that is near the other islands. Chyllfroest is an isle west of Svargrond only accessible between April 1 and May 1. To get there, go to the Frost Troll cave en route to the Formorgar Mines shortcut. Instead of going down and following the shortcut, go west toward the Quara scout cave. The "bridge" is located here




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One of this islands can only be acessed by using charles shortcut in port hope and its random...

The other 2 island can be acessed in folda using the underground tunnels
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It takes 20 hours to use this shortcut and hope that it will reach the destination that I want, right? That's very unfortunate... I'm trying right now to roll the 7 POI on the small Folda Island, but it's been quite difficulty.

Wait, you said that we can reach the other two places by Folda? As far as I know, you can get only to one of these Islands by Folda. I couldn't find any other tunnel leading to other Island...