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Let's say that I was killed in the middle of my travels or if I forgot to get my prizes with Brutus the Baker... Can I complete this part of the quest from where I had stopped next year if my server manages to eat the whole cake again?

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No, you need to go to each of the cake extractors every year or event. I tested this out on one of my characters from the last event she didn't go to the Edron extractor or finish the event and this year she had to redo the Edron extractor.
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I'm not really sure if your advances will counts for the next years, for example: This week I advanced in some cake extractor and was only 2 left, but i had to go, so i logout my char and enter the next day and I just continue doing the last 2 cities left, but when i came to get my reward with  He says to me: 

Brutus The Baker: I am sorry, but you did not earn your reward yet.

So I had to make all travels once again.

But, with my mainchar I visited the cake extractors before Brutus appeared and the next ss when he appears in my server i just took my reward without problems.

But anyways once the  dissapear you will not able to complete the Cake Extrators part cuz to do it you have to go back to the cake isle everytime, and if the cake isle dissaper you can't complate it for next year.

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You can’t finish the task in the next year..

If you get killed during walking to a cake extractor you can just go to the cake extractor without going to cake island again but you need to finish all cities at that year, if you forget this year you will need to go to the cake extractor before starting the task again in the next year and won’t receive another cupcake or any extra reward.