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I can see this event in the client calendar every now and then... What is about this event?

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"Full Moon" is a mini world change that takes place from server save on the 12th to server save on the 15th of each month. It is a full moon curse that affects the island of Grimvale in Edron. Every 13th of the month the Feroxa boss appears  (underground on this island).

1. Grimvale Isle Location: Go northeast of Edron and say "hi - passage - yes" to NPC Cornell 

Grimvale Isle location

2. Boss Access: To be able to enter the teleport and face Feroxa, it is necessary to do the missions of Npc Maeryn from the Grimvale Quest:

Npc Maeryn location

> Were-Creatures - Kill 50 Were-Creatures (werewolf,werebear,  werebadger, wereboar )

> Nightshades - Collect and deliver 3 Purple Nightshade Blossoms to the Npc 

nightshades location

> Silver Traps - It is recommended that you make at least 3 traps for Feroxa. Buy 3 closed traps from npc Gladys (on the island) and mine 3 Vial of Liquid Silvers underground. Give the quest to Npc Maeryn and she will give you 3 Closed Silvered Trap. 

> Moonshadow - It is necessary to do this lever puzzle at least once.

(Nightshades and Silver Traps tasks can only be performed when mini world change is active).

3. Appearance of Feroxa: On the 13th when the following message appears: "Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its zenith and ancient evil returns" go to Grimvale Island, and drop to -4. Enter the boss anteroom portal. Fifteen minutes after the first message a second message will appear and a few minutes later a last message indicating that the full moon is exposed. All players will be teleported to the boss room.

portal location

4. Mechanics to kill Feroxa:

> Feroxa will have a human appearance and will attack from a distance, just do considerable damage for her to go through the next phase.

>   The boss will only receive damage going over the silver closed traps, place the traps on the ground and as soon as Feroxa passes through 20 traps he will receive 1000 damage from each.

>   Feroxa becomes vulnerable, just attack her.

>  Just attack her until she is completely eliminated.

5. Reward: The most interesting loots are: werewolf helmet and wolf backpack 

Obs: if you are turned into a were creature, eat a purple nightshade blossom to lift the curse. If you become transformed, no npc will talk to you.
The task of killing 50 were-creatures does not need to be reported, but you can check the number of dead creatures in your quest log.

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How do you get silvered traps?
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Your answer have potential, however there are few things which you should work on and add to it:
Do we need to report killed monsters to the NPC?
Do we need to deliver anything (items) to the npc to get the acces?
Information about 20 closed silver traps should be in line with recommended to have at least 3 with you.
The date- the main event happens on 13th but there are also different dates included.
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Thanks for the tips, i will add more details in my answer :)
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As the image limit was temporarily exceeded, I will add more images and maps in a few minutes
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World Board: The full moon has a strange impact on the island of Grimvale. The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls.
Towncryer: The full moon pale has risen over Grimvale. Help lift the curse, you won't be off worse!

Feroxa messages :

  1. 00:00: Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its apex and ancient evil returns.
  2. 00:15: Half of the current full moon is visible now, there are still a lot of clouds in front of it.
  3. 00:20: The full moon is completely exposed: Feroxa awaits!

30 minutes after the first message you will be teleported to Feroxa. So you have still time to enter the room after the third message.


From the 12th to the 14th of each month, the full moon will rise over Grimvale. This means that the harmless Bandits inhabiting the island will turn into fearsome Were-Creatures! Take this opportunity to do the Grimvale Quest and rid the normally peaceful island from this awful curse.

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I need more details about Feroxa. Where I need to be in order to have this teleportation to her? What are the creatures over there and how is the place? I think that we can have a better answer over here.
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I tried to put a lot of details in my answer, I hope you like it <3 thank you