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Hi there! 
So I am stuck on this achievement.
The spoiler mentioned that it is obtained by finishing the missions The Curse of the Full Moon and The Curse Spreads of the Grimvale Quest.

So I did in this order:

Done the Curse Spreads, killed the 5 Alfas and reported back to Daniel Steelsoul, on Edron. 
I haven't start the Werehyena/Lion part yet. 
And just now I've finished the Curse of The Full Moon, because of the worldchange. 
I have collected the 3 nightshades and reported back to Maeryn. 
I also have killed the Were-Creatures and did also the part of the Silver Trap (Haven't fight Feroxa) and the Moonshadow.
I've noticed that "Curse of the Full Moon" doest not appear as "Completed" on my Quest Log.

But for some reason I haven't got the Achievement yet. Is there anything that I'm doing wrong/missing?

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You need to be teleported to feroxa lair (be in "moon" room before feroxa spawn) to obtain this achievement, dont need to fight or kill her, just be in the room and wait for the teleport