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Will my utevo res " (summon creature spell) summon any of the monsters related to the Orcsoberfest event? Or none of them are possible?

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Orcsoberfest creatures are (the ones exclusive to this event):

  • Cows 
  • Roast Porks 
  • Orger 
  • Loricate Orger 
  • Bellicose Orger 

I tried summoning each of them one by one to answer to this question, and the displayed message in each case was "Sorry, not possible.".

So the answer is no, none of those exclusive Orcsoberfest creatures can be summoned.

However, there are other creatures in Orcsoberfest that are not exclusive to this event, like sheeps, bears, smugglers and bandits, which can be summoned.

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Good spot. I will add that I was actually thinking about these exclusive monsters only. Thanks for the heads up!
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Are you sure about summon cows?? I think I saw some people summoning them but I don’t know if it still is possible....