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Currently I stay many levels below 200, but I am curious - which of the new summons is best in yours opinion? Skullfrost (knight), Emberwing (paladin), Thundergiant (sorcerer) or Grovebeast (druid)? How often they really heal and use their skills? How big is their impact on hunting experience? It is worth to use them? Share Your thoughts about that.

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Druid and sorcerer summon are the best one for blocking some bosses like mini Falcon Bosses and are a pretty usefull tool to avoid traps, for example when sometime you get traped by 8 monsters you can summon your creature and attack some creature , this summon will do an "exeta res" and you can scape from the trap, that trick save me many times.


The paladin summon is the best one to add some damage to the hunts , they hit a nice amount of damage and can hold some damage.

Is on my opinion the worst, but if you are EK and you are hunting alone maybe it can help you to kill a little faster.

All Summons have an inconvenient, that in teamhunts they are not recommendable since they can split pulls , so you will kill slower and thats very bad for the exp/h , so in my opinion they are only usefull on lower levels or in solo hunts in somecases.

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Hunt alone (In order):

Emberwing: With this Paladins can tank mobs 1x1 and deal more damage, so is good option.

Grovebeast: This works like nice blocker, can heal yourself by 600 (If they don't receive attack from mobs can using heal every 2 seconds.)

Thundergiant: Same as Druid but not than good.

Skullfrost: If you hunt 1x1 mob, works. If not, you lose the target and you lose damage.

Hunt on team (In order):

Emberwing: Only works this, the rest dont because the Knight cant use Exeta Res properly and Sorcerer can fail the waves.