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I saw this event marked on the client calendar. What is about this event? What we can do when this event is active?

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This event is like a race event!

When its active you need to wait for the : The darashian journey will begin in 15 Minutes

You just go to darashia north of the city

Going down stairs you will find the npc Casper, to participate you need to say : Hi - change - yes and the npc will give you a shapechanger wand.

This race works like this when you enter the room use the wand on yourself to shapeshift into one of the room creatures after that you need to remember where the creature was in the room to find its portal in the second room :

 After entering the portal 8 times you will be teleported to another room with a chest that gives you a shapeshift ring and after it you can ask to npc Caster to a reward and you will receive a reward box

The reward box can give :

4-16 chameleon runes

Boots of haste 

Time rings

When you enter all monsters teleports you receive the achievement “Master shapeshifter”

Source : https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/Last_Creep_Standing