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I got the answer to how many I need to kill and how many the server need to kill in order to make the boss spawn:


But how do I check how many have been killed by me or by the server on that day?

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to check the number of killed Yielothax 

The best way is to ask people who were there and killed Yielothax. It's best to get along unless you killed them yourself, it's also a good option because you are sure how many are killed. Otherwise you can only guess or people can cheat on you too. Remember that if you kill 250 Yielothax and fail to kill Raging Mage  , you can do it next time without killing Yielothax again.

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I wrote to the NPC guide words like 'yielotax' or 'ranging mage' but no respond. Unfortunately, you can't check it out. Only the message that appears before the boss. 

When server killed 2000 yielotaxes "The remains of the Raging Mage are scattered on the floor of his Tower. The dimensional portal quakes"

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Hi FoPP!

Sadly after the pass of years is still no way to check it out. The way my friends and I checked it out was by killing the  Energized Raging Mage for some random hours, until we received the message: "GNAAAAAHRRRG!! WHAT? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!! I... I feel the energies crawling away... from me... DIE!!!!.

Keep in mind that to kill it you must have to kill 250  Yielothax. Otherwise, you will get a message when you try to enter the tower when Raging Mage has spawned:

You have not proven worthy in the dimensional struggle against the yielothax.