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I know that I need to kill 250 Yielothax to kill Raging Mage, but if I kill after 2000 Yielothax, or for example, if the world reaches 2000 Yielothax when I kill only 200, I'll be able to kill Raging Mage? Or I'll need to wait until next time?

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Unfortunately, you can't if you don't have the right number, i.e. 250. I killed Yielotax every day, and I know how it works, if you kill only 200 and someone will kill a boss Raging Mage, unfortunately, but everything will reset and you must kill 250 again. If you kill 250 pieces and you fail to kill the Raging Mage , the next day you have the option to kill and you don't have to repeat killing 250.

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So my kills are saved? I was doing and the boss was killed while I  have killed only 120. I'll need to kill those again or I'll only need to kill 130 Yielothax?
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I'm not super familiar with this world change but I believe you only have to kill 130 more. I know I've done it before where I killed the 250 and didn't kill the mage until months later.
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Well you all have destroyed my plans of grabbing 20 levels  and inspired me to go fight the Raging Mage and now I need to go kill some Yielotax's and try to find out whats going on. Send you me luck and I might loot a broken ring of ending :)
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You need to kill 250 Yielothaxes in order to kill the Raging Mage and this won't get reset unless you loot the Raging Mage. This means if you kill 200 Yielothaxes and the Raging Mage spawns, you won't be able to kill the boss but your kill counter won't reset so you just will need 50 more Yielothaxes and wait another time for the boss to spawn. The Raging Mage will only spawn once per server save as the dimension to the Yielothax will close 5 minutes after the Raging Mage spawns, keep in mind the portal also opens up at a random time every day, so it's best to see if anyone knows if the boss spawned yet. You can tell when the boss spawns as there will be server log messages. Keep in mind your world needs to kill 2,000 Yielothaxes in a single day in order for the Raging Mage to spawn. The world counter gets reset every server save! I want to back up my answer with my source, a CM Response:

"Your individual counter will only reset if you loot the Raging Mage. The world quest counter will reset once the Mage died or after a certain time if your world does not kill enough yielothax...The world counter gets reset every server save and the world quest starts again randomly."