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I have seen that some players are selling leathers through the market. I am curious, how do they get these leathers?

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If you own a Obsidian Knife, "use with" on a monster body Leather can be obtained as loot from monsters as well, or even be found as quest rewards. Be aware that it will not always work the skinning attempt, and you also will be able to skin a monster only once, doesn't matter if it fails or succeed. But it is not very monster that can be skinned. Here is a list of monsters that can be skinned:

BehemothBehemothsPerfect Behemoth FangsPerfect Behemoth Fang/SkinningPerfect Behemoth Fang
BonebeastBonebeastsHardened BonesHardened Bone/SkinningHardened Bone
ClompClompsRaw MeatRaw Meat/SkinningRaw Meat
DragonDragonsGreen Dragon LeatherGreen Dragon Leather/SkinningGreen Dragon Leather
Dragon LordDragon LordsRed Dragon LeatherRed Dragon Leather/SkinningRed Dragon Leather
Lizard TemplarLizardsLizard LeatherLizard Leather/SkinningLizard Leather
MinotaurMinotaursMinotaur LeatherMinotaur Leather/SkinningMinotaur Leather
Lord of the ElementsLord of the ElementsNeutral MatterNeutral Matter/SkinningNeutral Matter
The Mutated PumpkinThe Mutated PumpkinPumpkin, and morePumpkin/SkinningPumpkin

Obtained from: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Skinning


You can obtain an Obsidian Knife buying in the Market or by completing the Obsidian Knife Quest. This quest can be done by a Free Account Player.

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To do so You have to get Obsidian Knife first. You need to use it on dead monster (skinnable one - like minotaur or dragon) body. If skinning is succesfull, there will be short animation above the body and leather will appear in your backpack.

In order to get the Obsidian Knife, You just need to exchange piece of draconian steel and obsidian lance at Npc Uzgod.
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good answer, but I think that a spoiler advertising should be done if you reveal several details on how to proceed on a quest.