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Obsidian knife is a universal tool used in many ways and situations (as an example for skinning, carving purposes) and I am looking for all the uses of obsidian knife. Do you know any of them?
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nice question. Would you like to know even possible quests where you need to trade a obsidian knife?
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yes- all possible involvements - even if there is possible substitute to it

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Obsidian Knife can be used for the following:

  • Ice Sculpting
  • Marble Sculpting
  • Watermelon Tourmaline
  • Skinning
  • Other Usages

Ice Sculpting

  • When using an Obsidian Knife on an Ice Cube, you might be successful on sculpting the first stage of an Ice Mamooth or the ice cube might break.
  • There's a total of 4 stages of the Ice Mamooth. In order to reach its final stage, you must be successful when sculpting each stage.
  • Success chances are higher if the orange wizard (Furb of Fun) wins The Colours of Magic.
  • The English TibiaWiki has gathered Ice Sculpting Statistics.

Marble Sculpting

Watermelon Tourmaline


  • When using an Obsidian Knife on the fresh corpse of certain creatures, the corpse will advance to the next stage and you might be successful on skinning a creature product item.
  • Scavange Charm will increse your chances of successfully skinning corpses.
  • For the list of ordinary creatures that can be skinned, the creature products you might get when using an obsidian knife on their corpses, and skinning statistics, you can check the Skinning page on the English TibiaWiki.

Other Usages

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Which mission of Kilmaresh Quest do you mean?
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you can use it on Blackened mirror instead of the Agent tool
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Thanks! I just added it to the answer.