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This question has been marked as opinion based, which means that it is mainly looking for player opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.

Please, understand "RPG basis" as a way to figure out quests by talking to NPCs and reading written material over Tibia. I ask that because many quests appear to be "randomly" placed on dungeons, without any reasonable explanation if we talk on RPG values of research and interpretation. I guess that the following text with spoiler of a long forgotten quest will help me to make my question clear if there is any doubt about it:


Spoiler alert, ladies and gentleman

I like to face monsters in a mysterious dungeon and loot a valuable quest item as a treasure to hoard. I really like it and I am ok with this most of the time (Examples: Alawar's Vault and Orc Fortress Quest. Both enormously rewarding quests to accomplish, specially if you go solo... Having a chest with prizes in a important room is pretty interesting and seems very plausible). But let's talk about the Naginata's Quest: A forgotten and "cult" weapon obtainable as reward, that many people probably never saw on Tibia. You have to get to a specific place among the vast amount of subterranean locations near the famous Thais' Ancient Temple. However, at some point you face an enormous stone blocking a stone pile. Usually you will see many places with magic walls/physical barriers that are historically unmovable, regardless your interpretation/research/experiment. But for that case, you have to figure out somehow that a Pick (and not a Iron Hammer, the famous Giant Sledgehammer or War Hammer, for example) is the only instrument capable to "destroy" the rock blocking your way to the access of the Stone Pile.... How am I even supposed to know that a large granite-like stone (almost similar to a obelisk) is breakable with the use of a pick? Is there any place where I can learn that? I'm almost 10 years old on Tibia, and I never heard about any other quest place where using a pick made me go through such piece of stone or anything similar to that. Of course, miners usually will use a pick to mine caverns... But why such thing happened only that time on Tibia, although on many stances using a pick on quests will only reveal secret holes? Not only it seemed to me an almost completely random way to proceed on the quest, but the fact that a pick can easily be a "giant rock cleaner" is completely non apparent on the rest of Tibian quests and missions (as far as I know but I can be wrong, since I can't remember all stances were picks were used).


That's what I'm questioning: We can assume that there are many quests which are random findings without any RPG logic (Iron Ore quest, Fanfare Quest, the one that I just mentioned...), existing for the sake of rewarding someone who randomly got something right from his mind to get the path leading to the quest reward or simple made a very good exploration and eventually stumbled on a chest?

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Well I started to play on 2000 to Tibia, on that times there wasnt spoilers like now and all you have was reading the books that were on all tibia places , talk to npcs and try to find by yourselve the answer.

An example of this is POI (Pits of Inferno) before they implemented it there was a lot of books like 30-40 that Talk about a infernal place under the plains of Havoc (POH). On that time I spent a lot of time trying to find the entry to POI , I used my pick on every square of POH trying to find a secret entry, one day I found 1 entry but there was a rock blocking the way to POI , and after the update they implemented it and created the POI Quest.

Whis this I want to say that there are many quest that are still not implemented, maybe there is info on new books about new things or places but there are still not implemented. And to answer your question I think the 95% of quests have a RPG Basis since almost never is lucky thing or random thing , maybe now with spoilers all things sound so easy to make but you have to know that before you only have NPC conversations , books and some hide clues on the map. The "random" quests are a reward for those who explore and try everything to find new things , so yes there are some Non-rpg basis quests but are a low %.

My personal opinion about quest is that they lost all sense  since when they implemented spoilers on wikia and even CM's giving clues or even giving full spoiler.
But there is still 1 quest that not many people knows that hold the spirit of investigate , solve puzzles and try to find new secret places only by investigating and reading books without spoiler.

This quests have been started on the first part of the Summer Update 2013.

The quest started without any spoilers or clue , not even appears on teasers or anything , they only started it by implementing some new squares in the ground on hole tibia like this one:
Where you can see a little holes, some are bigger and another are smaller , biggers was found that means 1 and smallers means 0, with this and with the help of a lot of people community found that there was a binary code, on this case the result was.


And if you transform that UTF-8 character set to words you will found the word "Venore" and that words without the all words that you can decrypt you got some clues to follow the quests.
This is an example of quest that still have the spirit of the real old quests without spoilers.
Btw this quest still remains active and last part was found on this summer update giving a new objet called "The Cube".(The use of this object is still unknown)
If you wanna know more about this quest you can found the spoiler here --> Spoiler

I really like the history of quests on Tibia and investigate on things like this , I hope that future quests will be harder and without any spoiler so people will have to do it to the old way.

Hope my answer helps you , if you need more just tell me in the comments below and I will help you ! 

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wow, I never heard about that secret quest before, although I know the initial location location and where it starts (I discovered it by accident with a secondary char that I have)!! Many people currently focusing on Serpentine Tower or Basilisk's Quest should look more on that one that you showed on the spoiler! Seems to be so complex and well planned. Nice recommendation!
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I've been playing for 8 years myself, and seen many of these quests. It seems that they are just random, and the only way to know if by passing of info, luck, or rarely RPG.
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While many of the older quests have hints hidden in NPC dialogue and/or books, many of the newer ones don't. There's usually a way to guess what to do though - trying a pick is not entirely out of the question (like you said, it's a tool commonly used by miners and such). If you had to use a flower on the stone, that would be impossible to guess.

Sometimes clues to quests or hidden things in the game can also be found on the website. A not very well-known example of this is the article The almost forgotten past of snakes, This article tells the story of a young boy who learns of snakes, and what happens to the loot they carry with them. And what do you know... he actually found something, and if you're lucky, you can also find something in-game ;) 

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Thats interesting , I didnt knew about that text , Its interesting.