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Maybe this is a good way to think about a city to stay I guess. I was looking at Reddit and saw something slightly similar to my question. 


Which city is the most versatile one regarding captains/teleports/NPCs that will teleport you/magic carpets with multiple destinations? Usually it may involves NPCs but it can involve also access to really close teleportation spots.

Post scriptum: You can cite more than one good choice if you wish.

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Venore is the best city it can go everywhere apart from roshamuul.

In Tibian History Venore is the comercial city and it's captain is brave enough to face any challenge, even going to darashia despite the ghost ship rumour.

After it I would say edron because of the carpet as you can go to farmine quite easily if you delivered enough tomes.
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The most versatile city when we talk about destinations is "Svargrond". There you have 4 different ways to travel around Tibia with 14 possible destinations.  Below you can see all the ways and possible destinations:

Carpet, the Npc Iyad can take you to:

  • Darashia (40 gps).
  • Edron (60 gps).
  • Femor Hills (60 gps).
  • Farmine (60 gps).
  • Kazordoon (80 gps).

Ferry, the Npc Buddel can take you to:

  • Tyrsung (50 gps).
  • Okolnir (50 gps).
  • Raider Camp (50 gps).
  • Helheim (50 gps).

Explorer Society, you can use an Orichalcum pearl to travel to:

  • Liberty Bay.

Teleport, you can use a teleporte crystal to travel to:

  • HUB da Gnomebase.
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