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I would like to know how much it would mean in Tibia Coins approximatelly ther investment needed to have a good result out there? Try to cover all kinds of things that your character may own in a regular tournament server (for example: Additional Prey Slot, Gold Converters, Cards, etc) and be specific in your answer. 

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You might want to add the word 'tournament' into the title if thats what youre asking about

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Let's talk about a paladin

If you train your distance from "0" to 80 in a normal day, without double experienceand with a conventional dummie you would spend 2,750 Tibia Coins

Why skills up to 80? Simple, all you can kill alone, you don't need more than 80 skill

Exp boost

1° 30 - Tibia Coins

2° 45 - Tibia Coins

3° 90 - Tibia Coins

4° 180 - Tibia Coins (You can buy up to 5, but in this case, it does not help us because you only have 4 hours to play in tournaments)

Third Prey - 900Tibia Coins

Prey Wildcard x20 - 200 Tibia Coins

So ... speaking of an approximate as you mention, the cost is: 2750 + 30 + 45 + 90 + 180 + 900 + 200 = 4195 Tibia Coins approximate 

or 1,445 without training your skills.

This calculation is only a personal opinion, I am not a regular tournament player, but try to gather true information and make an approximate calculation.

Have Fun !

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