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If we look at the statistic of our character we can see how fast we are (speed stat).

It would be good to know how fast creatures are, to be prepared well for a potential confrontation.

Which creature is the fastest and which one is the slowest?

If there would be a race around the Tibia, which creature has a chance to win?
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Voted up because I was looking for the answer to this and someone had already asked it

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Draptor is the fastest creature on Tibia

Spit Nettle is the slowest one with Minotaur Totem


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Spit Nettle and Minotaur Totem, cant move.
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I know but for some reason they have positive speed points on Tibia
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Yes, trululu is right. Why it has a speed if it is a Spit Nettle? Would it happen in order to make the speed equal to zero when the mob is placed on the jungle terrain?
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Honorable mention regarding fast creatures:

Grynch Clan Goblin

Normally the base speed of this creature is 100, however, they can boost their speed to an incredible 870!!!! Pro-tip: Investing on a stealth ring during the month of December can be a great and efficient way to kill this creature, since they do not sense invisibility and will not run away in a lightning speed.

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Top 3 of the fastest creatures:

1) Draptor - 340

2) Quara Mantassin - speed 295

3) Midnight Panther - speed 290

As we can see, the answer is not so obvious. Underwater creatures seem to be slow, but their base speed is huge. Underwater is the slowest ground.

The slowest creatures (I do not count monsters which cannot move):

1) Moohtant Wallbreaker - speed 40

2) Slug/Ladybug - speed 52

3) Adventurer - speed 53

What is interesting, there are creatures with even less base speed, but they cannot move completely, like Spit Nettle and Minotaur Totem - speed 39.

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1) Minotaur Totem cant move.

In fastets can add Squirrel with 240
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True, I have edited that. Interesting thing that some creatures has base speed, but they can't move ;o
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Another 3 of the slowest creatures:

1) Mushroom Sniffer - Speed 55

2) Pig - Speed 57

3) Penguin - Speed 58