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Some people have so many friends in Tibia, while I have just a few colleagues and one Person I can call a friend.

By most of the time spent in the game, I am hunting alone and make easier quests.

How do You make new acquaintances and get new friendship relations?

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During many years I've spend playing this game I collected my baggage of experience and got many friends.

Just keep following rules and you should be fine:

1) Be kind to people around you, help them if you can, especially if that's won't cost you much

2) Join to an active guild - would be wonderful if they will use voice communicator like TS/Discord

3) Never offend anyone - even if you are offended by him - keep you honor, people will notice that

4) Use world chat and talk with people, not only about the game - that connects people

5) Join to random teamhunts as often as you can, you will meet your soulmate

6) Share your knowledge with others, they will appreciate that

As you see, that's not so hard. I wish you luck with make new friendships :)
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Well, I can speak for myself that some additional tips might be more interesting rather the traditional ways. It is good to be nice to anyone in game, but sometimes it is not as that rewarding. I can cite some things that worked for a solitary player like me on recent times:

- Try to join on active communities on Supported Fansites (here it is an example. I needed help with a game question and I could meet @Zupakode user by simply asking a question here. I never would meet this tibian during the game probably, but coming here made me interact with him in a natural way).

- One good example of community growing strong is the Reddit Tibia community: https://www.reddit.com/r/TibiaMMO/

On Reddit, I had very good examples of nice people to interact. Sometimes you can be lucky and find friends that play on your server server! Make sure to filter toxic/suspicious people!

- Always play with the "Help" channel tab opened!! It makes you interact with people if you live in a kind of silent server. People will certainly be cool to strangers willing to help them. That's a good move to do if you want to people and be an active person on your server. Remember that you can also become a Tutor if you get enough "Thank You" on the Help tab chat!!

- Basically, try play with every single tab available on the game opened (i.e.: advertising or world chat). Any interaction can be a potentially new friendship! Do not forget about that!

- Do not engage on frequently PK or traps. They can diminish the reliability that people might have on you. Always try to avail if it is really worth to kill someone (of course, you should always react against attackers... But don't be always a violent character if you want more friends!)

And a final one that can be a nice take if you want to take risks:

- Try to always defend and fight for low level players against random PK (for example, Amazon Camp PKs on level 20s common to see on Open-PvP): Well, this can be arguably a very risky move, since sometimes the PK is happening due to a justified reason or it simply will make you be hunted by a guild or group of friends. A good option is to avail the situation. Defending poorly experienced players makes you important to these people, so they will most likely be nice to you or even reward you for this act!

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great explanation with various ways to make friends
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I think is more psychological topic than Tibia related :D I mean that it depends on our nature in RL, if we are talkative or not etc.

Another thing is that in my opinion it's not worth to look for real friends in this game. If you find it accidentally, then great! But if you're needy, then sooner you'll find toxic players, not friends.

From my point of view the best way is to focus on playing Tibia. Not just in "forever alone" way, but do some quests together, there are so many bosses nowdays that you can make in team everyday, so many ways to spend time with other people during events.

Also joining to the guild is a great solution that can help you in finding some new people.

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Justa take the time to talk (Any topic) to share opinion, to explain something, to help other.

Be honest and respect other.