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I have a lvl 50 ED, and trying to PG to get it to my friends lvl, they are all 150+. Currently doing issavi surface solo with SD, but what places would you recommend where a lvl 150 EK can block while I kill (and maybe sio depending on the mobs) and get the most exp.
Roght now when we have issavi surface with sphinx and lamassu and oramond minotaurs i strongly recomend wasting gold with sd rubes on them :) issavi is kinda free for all you just run from the monsters and atack everything and nobody will blame you for kilking his monster. Amazing place :) dont forget to get party with ns/ed and get 30% more experience
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Interesting advice with attacking somebody's mobs. I would be careful with it and check if it's the same on every server :P
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I have lvled other mages at issavi solo, but I'm trying to find something that's faster while having friends help. I don't agree with killing others monsters, I'll only do it if people start doing it to me first, then I have free blockers.

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If u have some blocker I suggest Burster Spectre in Darashia, but only you sio him is not good. You can hunt there with more 3 shooters, you guys can get some fun there. When you start to share with them you guys can hunt in gazer spectre in Port hope and Ripper Spectre between Venore and Thais.
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I'll try it and let you know how it goes