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I would like to know some good exp focused spots for a duo EK/ED at a low level (around 80+). For now, we've tried only the Old Fortress but it's often quite crowded. Any other ideas?

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Old Fortress is without doubt one of the most popular/best places to go at those levels. Here are some alternatives you can try:

  • Nightmare scions  , north of Krailos  might be a good option if you are looking for experience and not profit.
  • Yielothax , southern Zao , regular experience, but you will end up with profit
  • Vampire Bride  and Vampire Viscount , on the last floor of Edron Vampire Crypts , here you will end up with good experience and profit.

With a little more risk, you can also try these spots

  • Forbidden Temple in Carlin (also known as Carlin Cults) , here you will face Cult Believers , Cult Enforcerers , Cult Scholars ,Vicious Squires , Renegade Knights and Vile Grandmasters. I would recommend hunting here only on the first 2 floors. You will get good experience but most likely end up with waste.
  • Vengoth Castle, north and west tower , here you will face Vampires , Priestess , Banshees , Nightmare Scions , Nightmares , Mutated Bats , Vampire Brides , Werewolves , Hellspawns  and Spectres . This place is always empty and you will end up making good experience and profit.
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Good spots!
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That's so helpful! Thanks
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No problem!
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Old Fortress is best idea iny my opinion, but second idea: Dragon Lords - POI or Fenrock.

other ideas:

  • Carlin Cults
  • Wyrms Liberty Bay
  • Giant Spiders Port Hope