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We've tried deathlings and we made 3kk/hr at 150% with  30k waste each, Issavi sewers - 3kk/hr 100k waste each

Skeletons 2,5kk/150k profit, all these hunts were done with no preys or charms.  any help would be appreciated ^^<3

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I can recommend you Port Hope monsters -Flmsy Lost Soul and  Mean Lost Soul. Spawn is a part from Feaster of Souls Quest.

More about equipment for Ed you can read here - What is the best equipment for RP and ED to hunt Mean and Flimsy Lost Soul on Jakundaf Desert? 

In your equipment you should focus on life drain protection , energy protection and less death protection. While I exp with RP there we just run around and throw ava. And sometimes we don't have resp cause of our levels. For you it should be better since you are an EK. You can make traps around. Druid should have something against mana drain, because this the only vocation which got mana drain on those monsters.

There is a way how I exp with RP duo. So you can see how it gonna look around and maybe you will find out where you can make traps. TWICH YUKI EXP

While looting items you should focus also on Death Tolls (Antica market 9-12k ea), 

Another good place to hunt is Falcon castle with  Falcon Knight and  Falcon Paladin. To make an acces you have to make mission The Order of the Falcon from The Secret Library QuestThis place wasn't changed by cipsoft yet.

With collecting EQ you should focus on energy/physical protection.

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There are 4 spots pretty good and balanced, although I can not give you statics for ek:
- wintercourt + laberynth
- Falcon bastión + Falcon undergrond
- heart of destruction
- mean Lost soul (-2 floor of the jakundaf desert spawn)
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I guess Wintercourt is now only for exp and being on 0 with waste :D
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True, on wintercourt you won't get any profit now.... Jakundaf desert can be too hard for 400 levels
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Well... Idk about ek-ed, but here is my hunt rp-ed (we are 600):
Session: 01:22
Loot Type: Leader
Loot: 1,600,373
Supplies: 442,571
Balance: 1,157,802