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I have one maker (ED) LVL 60 and my friend created one EK (85)..

Say 3 places good for exp&loot please

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Hello I don’t know about the new respawns but back when I was level 80EK with ED,  I used to hunt in hellspawns and plagues of yalahar (you can loot Knight set and warrior helmets)


dragon Lords of Zao (unfortunately this creatures never drop royal helmets >.< who knows maybe you are lucky)
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EK + ED - Teamhunt Guide from 60-90 lvl :

60+: Mother of Scarabs Lair, Ankrahmun

60+: Wyrms Mountain, Liberty Bay

65+: Nightmare Scion, Krailos [EXP: 400-450k, Profitable: Waste]

80+: Vampire Crypt, Edron

90+: Yielothaxes

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