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I have an elder druid 230 ml 82 and i want to know about some places for exp, profit and where i can teamhunt or whatever you think can help me, thanks

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Banuta with summon its an excelent option for all you are looking for, with full tera resist + thunderstorms and a mix of SD u can get 1,5 - 2,5kk/h depending on boosts, path and hunt place experience, glooth bandits are also decent option more profit less exp and no task, banuta perhaps seems bad cause ur waves but its very very decent place with around 50-150k/h profit per hour, best balance of most of the places for that level range
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Edron werecave with GFBs is awesome for mages, just wear a physical set and you will be fine. Always profit. When lucky I got 250k in 1h of hunting
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Since so many years very good place for lower level Druids is Lizard City.

I would also add some places from Oramond, like: West Oramond (only during Quara raids) or Glooth Bandits, where you can make really good profit.

Banuta would be nice, but rather with MS, sice most of creatures there are strong to ice and weak to energy.

In team you can try Dream Courts, old and good Walls or WOE (Wrath of Evil). Also if your EK will be able to block 8 Retching Horrors/Choking Fears I reccomend Isles. It is place, where you can make quite nice profit and exp/h.

I also have seen few times when people 200+ were hunting in team Issavi sewers. I have no idea if it is really worth it, imo Fafnar Cultists are too strong, but maybe I am wrong. You can try! :)