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As we know, some players hoard items that with time, became legendary rarities with huge prices discussed.

Nowadays, the transfer option between worlds created a whole new scenario, where rares aren't exclusive to a particular server. Knowing that, how a player should organize to sell a remarkable item? What is the best way to announce it on Tibia boards? Should several topics be created on all world boards on Tibia official website? Is there a specific Fansite that helps on that matter of selling rares? How the price should be calculated for incredible items? Is it recommendable to do auctions with gold coins or equivalent valuable items on Tibia official boards? (I'm not referring to auctions with real money or Tibia Coins)

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Hello! I was a very rare collector for a few years and the thing that worked for me was creating threads on all world boards , but this has changed last years because now for example you cant transfer anything from a No-PVP to PVP. So now you have to do the next:

If you have very rare on noPvP create threads on world boards only of noPvP.
If you have very rare on Pvp create threads on all worlds pvp and noPvp except the worlds that are actually blocked.

And use advertising and looking market constantly, if you need a list of rare prices there are some of them on internet like this one on rarebosses :
This one is a list of prices on Antica of some rares:
List Antica Rares prices

If you need help on prices for some very rares I can help you , I know almost every price for very rares and I also have many friends that are a huge very rare collectors so In any case be free to ask :)

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Ok, I will try to make a char there and talk to you, but I don't know if I will have the time to do it today. We still need to level up until level 8 to talk with people on a world? (and I need to talk to you since the rares that I got are not listed on this list)

Also, is there any website where I can see the Tibian Cotation for each world? Some world have different TC fluctuantions, but idk if someone invented anything to check this.
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There was a website with the TC fluctuations updated every day but now is not working , if there is another on I dont know it
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I discovered the tool that you are talking about. Too bad it is no longer working properly...

If someone knows one that is currently working, please leave a link here.
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As I contacted Cipsoft support, they left me this following message regarding the subject: Posting ONE topic on each board will not be considered Spam and is perfectly fine:


Thank you for your request. It's ok if you create one post in the forum to announce. You can also post it in different threads on different worlds.

If you have any other problems, just let me know.

Kind regards,
CipSoft Tech Support

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But the system of forum detect has spam if you post on multiple forum the same message (Ex: Sell X Item on Antica) and you get a "notation".
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what is support spelled supot
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Supot is the nickname that the support professional uses. It is not a misspell (although it may look like one).

I had other messages answered by him actually.
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Another really GOOD options is go to each city and look around house, see what house have good rares and try to contact with the guy who living in the house and talk with he.
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Yes , I used to do that is effective , collectors always love to show their rares