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For example, a char that I created in a Tournament Server outside Tournament period or a char that I created in Premia but for now I don't have premium time left... Is there any way that I can manage his loot list just like we do with saving hotkeys? How can I edit his loot options without the need of going online with him? I know that there is a file inside of Tibia Client that you can save for yourself with your personal hotkeys... I wonder if it is the same for loot.

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Yes there is a file in client for loot list there is even a site that generates a white/black loot list : https://www.tibiaroyal.com/en/tools/blacklist-creator/

But if you want to just look at the loot file you can find it in the tibia folder characterData folder with the name lootBlackWhitelist.json so you can change or look it even offline

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Good to know about that. I gonna study the link that you brought here.
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It depends on what you mean. If it is the loot list you must be logged in to that character since each one has a separate configuration in the client. Another way is to modify it externally with the game configuration files, but this is not recommended since the integrity of the files can be damaged and all the configurations already created that have not been previously backed up can be lost.