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For example, when I right-click an item it has the option "Add to Loot List". Then once I click that and right-click the same item it says "Remove from Loot List". What does this mean and do? Are there any benefits to using this as I don't even see what this option does so I'm confused. Thanks!

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When using quick looting you have two modes:

  • Accepted loot
  • Skipped loot 

When using the Accepted Loot mode, only the selected items will be looted. On the other hand, when using the Skipped Loot mode, all items but those selected will be looted. 

Items can be added or removed from the lists using the Cyclopedia or simply by right-clicking on them and selecting the option "Add to loot list", which also works for items not on the Cyclopedia.

So, depending on which mode you're using, this option lets you choose what items you want to pick or skip.

SOURCE: TibiaFandom

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When you use quick loot, you get the loot from creatures just by clicking on the corpse. Using this you can select the items you WANT to loot OR the items you DON'T WANT to loot.

Example: You kill a creature and the loot is 500 gold coins and 3 meats.
You can select to not loot meat so everytime you click to loot a creature that droped meat, you won't get it, no matter which creature was killed.


You can select to loot gold and everytime you kill a creature and click to quick loot, you will get the gold.

So when you add an item to "loot list" you are selecting if you want or don't want to loot this item when quick looting. If you open the "manage loot containers" window, you will find a list of every item you selected to loot or not and what option you choose "skipped loot" or "choose loot (or something like this I don't remember exactly)".

Personally, I prefer to use skipped loot to choose every item I don't want to loot.