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As title says, is there a way to know when the Insectoid Invasion World Change is active?

I want to finish the "Insectoid Scout" bestiary, but I have no idea if theres any message announcing this, or if I can check this in Adventurer's Island board.

Is there a way to know (besides running all the way there) ??

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Today i noticed something that might be important. They appeared in greenshore. But more importantly they appeared also with the hive in LB - "A hive infestation has been sighted south-west of Liberty Bay! An unnerving humming and buzzing is filling the air." Maybe it's linked.

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Your best way of discovering when it is happening is simply by leaving a character inside the watchtower near NPC Tokel. You will be able to spot if the blueberry bushes are destroyed from the upstairs inside, which will be great for you since you can log on another main character pretty fast and go after the Insectoid Scouts! Normal blueberry bushes means that there is no Insectoid Scout world change around!

You can find Tokel here: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/mapa#32255,32055,7:1

I show the place where you should leave the noobcharacter in this video by the end. I actually log in the exactly location where you should stay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg5IxcGvlAc

I also show in this video the area and even a hole with 4 Insectoid Scouts!

HOLE LOCATION HERE: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Mapper?coords=126.4-125.102-7-1-1-1

- SOURCES USED FOR MY ANSWER: https://tibia.fandom.com/

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I have written many 'key words' (Insectoid, Insectoid scout, scout, invasion, insectoid invasion etc) to the NPC Guide to check this, but in my opinion - no methods for this. You just have to check the Greenshore.

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That was a great idea. Il try some others as well
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This is an interesting one as there us some question as to whether this is a World Change or a Raid.

If its a World Change - The Adventurers Island Board will tell you and almost certainly the Thaian Town Crier will announce it

If its a Raid - A server message will appear

If no one has better information I will stay on this and update as soon as I catch it occuring
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it is a mini world change because it will change an area for a whole day until next SS. The fact that we cannot see anywhere about the invasion could be possibly a detailed overlooked by Cipsoft.