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I haven't seen this Mini World change in a while and I was wondering if anyone could confirm how it works. From what I remember I went one day and there was very limited damage to Greenshore and a few Insectoid Scouts. Then I went the following day there were many more Insectoid Scouts and many more signs of hive features. (I may be incorrect here but this is what I remember)

Can anyone confirm that there are 2 stages to this event? If enough are killed the first day does it not advance to stage 2?

If we reach the point where they are overrunning Greenshore and none are killed, will the world change just stop? Or do "x" amount need to be killed to push them back before it will end?

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When they appear, they start eating the grass in it. You need to kill a certain amount of them to stop the invasion and let the grass grow green again. If this determined amount of Insectoids aren't killed, they continue to appear.
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Could you elaborate a little bit more? Is this between server saves? If you don't kill enough on the first day there is a bigger respawn of them the second day? If you kill enough the first day will the invasion stop and not go to "stage 2"?
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According to what I saw in TibiaWiki, this invasion appears randomly and without warnings. Also, I couldn't find anything about the time between "stage 1" and "2"