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I'm curious to know what the reward is for the Insectoid Invasion world change? Maybe there's more than being a hero and clearing the invasion out or is this the reward?

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Well if you are talking about the invasion that has taken place in Greenshore in the north of the Tibian capital so far and it probably does not give you more than the opportunity to face the creatures of the invasion (Insectoid Scout). These raids do not give you the drop of silver tokens and the lot of this creature is bad giving only a few coins of more value. This invasion is quite strange since the most propitious place for these creatures to exist is on the island of Quirefang along with other incects and it is very far from the location of the invasion, that may be the answer for these creatures to be so weak. Apparently these creatures only occur there and only in invasions that are not so rare. It is a challenge to complete the bestiary as they appear in pairs in certain locations west of Greenshore but the good news is that invasions occur throughout the day.
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As far as I know and I haven't heard anything different is that there is nothing special to this Mini World change. Many Mini World Changes offer the chance to get an achievement but there are several that do not. I assume this just falls in that category.

It does give you the ability to complete Insectoid Scouts in the bestiary which are found nowhere else in Tibia. If you can find this Mini World Change active during rapid respawn I would definitely completing them then.