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Regarding this creature with sweet 50 charm points once you kill five of them, where and when exactly can I find appearances of these monsters? I know that they have something to do with the Bewitched event, but still, I have no clue on how to spot these creatures to kill...

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There are two kind of spawns:

  1. First one happens every 8h since the event starts, at the same time that the cauldron changes the ingredient .
  2. Second one happens randomly during the day

Here is the place where you can find them, when respawning:

The clock says how much time left there is for the next ingredient, when the banes spawn.

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They also spawn randomly from time to time.
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yep you are right, I noticed today ^^
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cool answer, but I saw by myself that there is some random respawn happening from time to time. Do you know if there is a frequency on that? A player told me in game that it can be up to every 3 hours between the start of Bewitched Rounds (of course, every new round gets a Bane Bringer raid as well). But I am not sure about that...

Edit: If you don't know, just add that there is some random respawns occuring :) just to make people be aware about that
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Dome, as far as I have seen there is not a constant in the frequency