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Are out there (golden or silver) emblems that do not exist for certain runes of the game? Now if I remeber well, I never saw an antidote rune emblem or a lighest magic missile rune emblem in any form, so I wonder if they exist or if they were never made for some reason... Maybe nobody asked for it and that's why we didn't get it so far? 

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If you had made the question ealier i could ask some of this runes rsrs but now I've already asked for mine =/

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Hi there,

I have cross-checked the list of existing runes against the list of golden and silver emblem runes. Hence, the list of runes that are not implemented neither as Silver or Golden emblem are:

  • Convince Creature Rune 
  • Cure Poison Rune 
  • Energy Field Rune 
  • Fire Wall Rune 
  • Healing Rune for Druids 
  • Intense Healing Rune 
  • Light Stone Shower Rune 
  • Lightest Magic Missile Rune 
  • Lightest Missile Rune 
  • Poison Field Rune 
  • Poison Wall Rune 
  • Sorc and Druid Attack Rune 
  • Stalagmite Rune 
  • Stone Shower Rune 
  • Tiny Healing Rune 
In the past, I asked for one of the runes from this list as reward from a contest and I did not get it, so I got an existing one I had listed in case the first one did not exist. I guess it was worth trying. :)
Hope that helps!
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Amazing! There is so many runes missing! Thanks for the research!
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Well,  we have a Cure Poision Rune (Antidote Rune) and lighest Magic Missile Rune as you said and have

Intense Healing and Ultimate Healing in new form (withe)

I like the idea about this new runes, maybe the Cure Poison in rookgaard ( only a dream )
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In my opinion some runes does not exist beacuse they are not visible in the market. There are some unobtainable in-game items not visible in market, but still existing. However, I dont see any reason why Cip would implement some runes in market but not the other. Its the same type of items.

BUT :)

I wanted to check it myself in the case of winning contest, but this time I hadnt so much luck ;) White Intense Healing rune in golden frame would be awesome. Would be cool if any of Winners can ask and share with us to get 100 percent of sure.
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I think it's simple as you said, none ask for this runes until now, that's why we don't have it already in the game.