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What programs can serve better for this purpose?

I'm trying to use my Nvidia Ge Force Experience (former Shadowplay) to record my tibia gameplay, but it is not working properly at all. The game isn't supported, so I had to do a weird workaround to solve it... However, I would like to know what is the best way to do it with a more recommended program (nowadays we can see high quality Tibia videos, and I want to know what program they are using for that intent).

What are the better choices between all programs available on the internet to record my Tibia gameplay in a proper manner?

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bump - since my question about this was closed and this one is inactive.
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I also removed the best answer here since I believe that it should be better answers to be made.

Feel free to improve any answer or the question here.

3 Answers

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I use playstv and obs for recording, both are very good. Playstv is easier if you wanna do instant share or making highlights of your videos.
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I installed Playstv on my computer, but how do I make it work on Tibia?
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I use AtubeCatcher hehehehe

I don't know what else to say... it's just unexpectedly good to me :D
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I use camtasia9 and it works to me. Its easy to use and can be found free.