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As we all know, Stealth Rings are perhaps one of the most usable rings on this game, being used for any level range imaginable. However, what are the most efficient way to accumulate a good amount of this very important gear for adventures? What monsters carry this precious thing or which quests can be done in order to get this valuable item?

Post Scriptum: I know that having a large bank account means that I will be able to buy several rings, but how can I get them by "myself"? That's my question! Of course, buying them will be the fastest way, but what about other possibilities?

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The low level mobs are:

Golden Servant (Edron - Mad Mage Laboratory) - Rare Loot

Golden Servant Replica (Thais - Temple of Light) - Rare Loot

Mutated Rat (Yalahar - Mutated Quareter) - Rare Loot

Mid level mobs are:

Brimstone Bug (Farmine) - Rare Loot

Orc Warlord (Oramond) - Semi Rare Loot

Twisted Pooka / Pooka (Feyrist) - Rare Loot

Quara Mantassin (Sunken Quarter) - Rare Loot

Quara Mantassin Scout (Malada) - Rare Loot

Renegade Quara Mantassin (Seacrest Grounds) - Common Loot

High level mobs are:

Silencer (Lower Roshamuul) - Semi Rare Loot

Sea Serpent / Young Sea Serpent (Sea Serpent Area and Seacrest Grounds)

I dont show mobs with "Stealth Ring" in "Very Rare Loot" or another too hard like "Undead Elite Gladiator" or bosses too.

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That was a good simplified classification! Very helpful!
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Hi! I give you the % of drop of the monsters that can give that ring:

Also you can get it on the following quests:

 Stealth Ring Quest, the Demona Ring QuestThe Queen of the Banshees Quest, the Parchment Room Quest and through the Lightbearerevent.

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Awesome! Thanks for the cleaned list!
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Maybe it would be a good idea to sort that list by highest drop percentage + clearly mark which of those monsters are bosses
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I think is better know what monster is more easy to kill (Low - Mid - Hard) because if he only want get the rings is better kill some Mutated Rat faster and cheaper than kill Silencers