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This legendary item is extremely old, with a lot of history behind it. But how many Rose Shield still exist nowadays? Is there any estimatives of how many owners are there with the shield? Maybe there is a decade old abandoned depot in Antica that holds this ultra legendary item and the char just need to wake up... :)

You can read a little bit about it here: http://www.nightmareknights.com/historyprojects/itemhistory.html

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You can find Rose Shields only on Antica. I talked with Natures Lord (member of Red Rose guild) about this beautiful shield  and he told me that there are around 8  shields located on Antica (only members of Red Rose have it). Sheepyy didn't sell his shield but he gave it back for Red Rose guild.

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Awesome research about these ultra rare shields!
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According to tibiawiki:


This shield can only be found on Antica and seen inside Morguthis' Treasure Room.
Only 6 of these beautiful shields were ever made, they are owned by members of the guild Red Rose. This was a gift from CipSoft to them, for being one of the oldest guilds of Tibia.

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I only know two:

  • On the past one could see on the House of player Sheppi from Antica but as far I know he sold it.

  • On every celebration of the anniversary of the Red Rose Guild they show one:


  • The English Tibia Wiki show one in hands of Halfhigh from Antica (Member of Red Rose).


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