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I know that there's male dead humans that we can take for our houses but I cannot find the information on where to find female dead humans. I found her in POI and she won't cross over to the other side... I can't drag her. Any ideas on where else I can find one?

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If you spot the corpse where I told you to get (it should be there), take a screenshot and try to put a parcel inside of the wardrobe and put the corpse in the wardrobe. This way you can probably send the corpse via parcel... Even better, if you got a nice capacity, simply put a bag inside the wardrobe and toss the corpse inside the bag, lol, maybe this works I guess? This way you can carry the corpse around by picking the bag instead of the corpse. Sorry but I cannot stop to think on how strange is to tell someone on how to carry dead bodies in bags, even in a video game, lol
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hey!! i have great news see below. i did an edit.
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I am happy that I helped you! So, I posted a theory on how to bring this object to your depot by getting a house and not paying the rent... Maybe that's the way to get it to any place any corpse or object?

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I KNOW WHERE! Actually it is quite like an easter egg (a scary one to think about to be honest).

I was going to make a video about that but you will be privileged with the info right now :)

Travel to Yalahar and go to the Magician Quarter and enter the Residential Area. The Residential area consists in a complex of residences with magician creatures as dwellers.

Magician residencial.png

Go to +1. The rooms located at the north are with a nice Ice Witch respawn. But the south area of the place contains Mad Scientists mainly you need to be at least level 30 to get past level door. Explore all of the south area of +1. Inside one of the lockers, you shall find a dead body of a women. Nobody ever commented about that in Tibia as far as I know, but it looks kinda creepy to spot a dead woman inside of a room that is inhabited by male Mad Scientists... It's located in the locker located in the picture below. You need to be careful as the Mad Scientists actually destroy the lockers so you need to get in this room fast and kill them quickly before they have a chance to move and push/destroy lockers. Mad scientists can see invisible so you will have to be cautious. You can then drag the woman to your home in Yalahar. You cannot parcel (I tried to put parcel inside locker and put her in there it didn't work. I also tried to put a parcel on floor and put her in but she didn't want to go. You also cannot put her in your backpack or depot) You will have to drag her to your home!

Reference of the map image used in my answer: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Magician_Quarter

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They can see invisible sadly :( & to enter you need at least level 30 as there's a level required door my other characters in other worlds are at most level 25 sadly. dw Ill test it out later~
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Hm, when you lose your house due to lack of payment, dont all of your stuff inside the house is sent immediately to your mailbox? Maybe thats the way to move this particular object out of Yalahar ^^
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I have an official response about this that items that don't fit in your backpack do get destroyed after you leave a house. :(