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Hypothetically speaking, we can put inside a parcel an absurd ridiculous amount of items, as long as we keep adding new containers inside the parcel. But no matter the number of contents in a parcel, it will always be send to the recipient as long as there is a properly filled label inside of it? Or there is a limit to the amount of items capable of being send by mail on Tibia?

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As far as I know, and I have tested, there is no limit.  

But I am not completly sure... Hard to know
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I did some pretty massive and stunning lootbags on barbarian camps on Svarground several years ago with a LOT of items. It took me years to sell all of it, lol, maybe there I "confirmed" that the sky is the limit for parcels. But yeah, I imagine somehow if my parcel can be refused on a mailbox or something due to an outrageous amount of items. Most likely not, but not impossible to conceive some sort of limit.