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Ok so I heard that it takes two server saves to have wheat back to the harvest stage. I also saw random people telling that it takes one server save. How long it really is and what about the stages of it? For example, I remember that it gets green before getting into the final stage of development.

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Usually it takes around 5-6 real life hours for it to fully grow, it has 3 stages, the first one, when its just cut, the second one, which is the green, it takes around 3 hours to get to this stage. And then the last one, on its cutting stage (Yellow) like I said, after 5-6 hours real time.

People tend to confuse this a lot since the growing process won't be reset or affected by a server save, so you can cut it right before ss and you will still have to wait the corresponding time to have it grow back.
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amazing to know it finally! Several websites seems to be confused about this :) Thank you very much!