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If a character that I married on Mainland returns to Dawnport after suffering several deaths, does it affects the marriage status somehow? Or it will not interfere anyhow?

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I've finally managed to try it!  --- I've just rooked my char and I have good news ^^

If you want to, go to tibia.com and look for my character:  Paladino do Ichimaro

He is now in rook!!! And he still has his nice outfit AND he's still married, as it can be seen on the website >D

*Before killing myself to Dawnport/Rook:


After killing myself enough times:



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Awesome, thanks for verifying!
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Awesome! Thank you very much for providing such complete answer!
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Never seen any case like this one but I think it doesn’t change the marriage status. (in wiki it says that it can only be changed by divorcing in 2 NPCs)