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So in short, what are the items that I should probably click on "Skip when Quick Looting" as soon as possible? Many items that I quick loot are trash, super heavy or not really valuable... A list with useless items and trash that you may encounter when quick looting would be much appreciated!

Post scriptum: You can also point out which items might be sometimes worth picking. You can divide in this category and another with "permanent" useless items.

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This gonna depends of your level and the creature you are hunting, but in general:


Scale Armor Scale Armor

Weighs: 105.00 oz

Price: 75 Gold Coin Gold Coin

You gain 1 Gold Coin Gold Coin per every 1.4 oz of Weigh. If the Weigh is more than value of item is bad to loot.

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You must have in your mind which items are useful for you, whether for own use or for sale. Special attention for foods that used to be heavy, just take mushrooms. Potions and empty flasks used to take away your capacity too.

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Selecting items which should be skipped while Quick Looting I would start from a different side. I wouldn't make any lists of them. I would rather go on hunt, and first round make slower, to select unnecessary items. It's how I made it.