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Whenever I hunt Magician Quarters there's dark apprenticesDark Apprenticethey drop Dead Frog (Item)  dead frogs. I found out that when quick looting I always pick them up. Their not listed in the Cyclopedia and I'm not sure why not if their considered a drop loot. Is there a way to skip them when quick looting or any other workaround?

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Right click on them and "add to loot list" will help u. :D There are many of items like that on roshamuul for example >.<
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Really? I don't hunt Rosh so I wouldn't know ;S
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Skejcior response is the correct one but I'll add extra info.

There are some itens that can't be skipped while quick looting. Most of them are perishable quest related items. For example even if you add Golden Idol of Tukh  to your skip list you'll pick it up. This in my view is a bug and not intended.

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Oh wow thanks for letting us know. I'm learning so much about tibia xD there's too many items.