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In the event called Piece of Cake, we need to visit several cake extractors after stepping in the place where it was the cake consumed by the entire server (if your server ever managed to eat the whole thing).

I remember very well that after eating the whole cake, I had the icon of cake splash once I stepped on the cake terrain inside the event island. Can I start visiting the cake extractors before the arrival of Brutus the Baker in the next Server Save in order to get the rewards? That would save me a lot of time next event!

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Yes you can step the machines before to speak with NPC Brutus.

Note: You may begin the task of stepping on the cake base before speaking to Brutus. This means If your server completes the task of eating the entire cake and you wish to begin the task early you may do so and turn the task in once he has spawned the next server save.

SOURCE: TibiaFandom