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Theres so many ways to travel in Tibia! I know for premium accounts we can use a ship and the magic carpet and from my understanding free accounts cant. I want to know where can free accounts travel to and what type of transportation can be used to get there?

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Ok, here is:

 - Free Accounts can teleport over Free Account cities using Adventurer's Stone in a temple and talking to Charos. Ask about service when talking to him (WARNING: Works only for players under level 20 only!). 

- The Ore Wagon system in Kazordoon works completely fine! Buy a Ticket with a Dwarf near a Ore Wagon directed to Kazordoon and have fun! Remember that you need to buy a ticket for 250 gold coins and they last for one week!

- Gnome Teleport system: Yeah, this one is a good one for free accs! Connects Thais and Kazordoon. Make sure to own a Teleport Crystal to use it! You need to start the Bigfoot Burden Quest to use it.

- Other situational connection is during the Awash World Change. WARNING: My best sources actually say that you need to use 182 coals to make the drainage of the pumps with NPC Dronk work. I never heard about the 2000 to 2500 coals mentioned in the first link.

You will have access to Robson's Isle, Thais and Kazordoon with NPC Junkar once the World Change takes place in the next Server Save after the total amount of coals are delivered.

- You can travel to the islands of Senja, Folda and Vega. Look for Nielson.

- Other teleport access to a particular place is the one for Isle of the Mists (only for Druids).

- Hm, maybe the Void can be considered a travel as well?

- Isle of the Kings. Talk to Dalbrect and bring him a certain family brooch in order to unlock the ability to travel to this place.

- You can go to Nostalgia Island as well in the last Tibia Anniversary events.

- You can travel to Travora with any boat NPC located in big cities. You need to pay 1000 gold coins for the passage.

- Travel between Venore and Thais with Appaloosa and Palomino, respectively. However, it depens if the Horse Station World Change is currently at the stage where horses need to be confined in their stables

- Other arguably places to "travel" would be a miriad of small islands or corpses of land in marshes or different places around Tibia mainland, but they will be reached only through quests or long travels. Good examples are Draconia or the small island near Outlaw Camp (can be reached in an secondary path located in the Bright Sword Quest). There is also the Witches at the top of Kah'zeel mountains during the second mission of the Inquisiton Quest.

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There is so many places! Does the transport from Appalosa could count as transportantion too no?? :)
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Good call! I would consider this as well! Thanks for the heads up!