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I am curious about these bosses... How strong they are and what they are? Dragons? Demons? Will we need big teams to slay these foes?

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There will be lots of different monsters in the dungeon as also bosses. At the present we do not know much about them- however, they been described as a "weaker" monsters matching the design of the memory lane.  So if you will be passing through lain representing Library or so- you will meet Flying Book with weaker attacks. Skerio advised that at least level 100 would recommended for the dungeon. 

While the monsters you encounter will look the part, they do not possess the same strength as their regular counterparts. They are instead of similar, fairly low strength, so that players of lower levels can partake as well. (..)

Special boss rooms will be available during the festivities in which you can take them on, earning deco items as well as Theons in the process. The ten bosses will be available via a central hub from the time travel dungeon, and feature different levels of complexity and a moderate increase in difficulty. However, they are all still relatively easy, and can be fought every 20 hours. 1


I like the idea to defeat monsters and boss weaks
I just want to know how weak are the bosses and monsters in way.
Weak for level 8 or level 100??

The creatures and bosses are not all of the exact same strength, and difficulty in general is of course relative. It's probably a good idea though to have a level of at least 100 when stepping into the time travel dungeon.2

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I wonder if they will be bosses associated with puzzles. I am very excited about it! I will try to assemble a team in order to have fun.