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I was thinking about this lately. No matter if I had items bought in a Store inside a house (Casks or decoration) rented during a tournament or even other Store items inside my depot, will it always be conserved from one tournament to another if I didn't use all of it, no matter where they are? If they are conserved, should I keep it in my character inventory? I am afraid about losing stuff after the end of the tournament.

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According to Skerio you should keep the item and be able to use it in a future tournament.

If I buy a mana cask and it remains unused at the end of the tournament, will I be 'reimbursed' for those coins?

 No, you will keep the item and can use it in a future Tournament.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38926901#post38926901 

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Nice! Hopefully it won't mater if the item is in my store inventory, in my depot or house. Let's see!