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As the title says. Im 350 EK and will have too much time now for afk. Was thinking about train, but its too slow oldmode and not worth it with new statues.

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You can buy training weapons if you are on the mood to do so. Training with these weapons can be pretty safe and effective.

Another thing to do is to spam occasionally spells in order to utilize the whole mana from time to time while inside of a Depot with the mana regeneration bonus activated. Most of knights do not train magic level, but that's a thing to do if you are looking for options.

Finally, you can sit back near the ocean or a river on Tibia and practice some fishing from time to time. Another semi afk activity option is going to some occasional readings on libraries spread over Tibia (some of the books are pretty interesting).

Edit: Oh, the Black Knight on Venore is quite fun to face and can be even a lucrative if you are lucky. You can sit near his respawn and check his presence from time to time (usually it is a very slow respawn, bit I don't go there it has several years)

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You can find a spawn with relatively hard monsters close to your afking spot and go kill few of them until you run out of mana. Then go back, preferably to resting area like depot/temple/house to regen your mana and heal up your hp to full. Rinse and repeat.

This way you will make use of your mana and get some exp and maybe even nice loot.

Recommended locations:

  • Roshamuul around depo
  • Darashia Ferumbras' Ascension entrance
  • Liberty Bay wyrms
  • Carlin Zathroth Remnants cults
  • Svargrond Okolnir
  • Yalahar Cemetery/Magician/Factory Quarter
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1.- You can use this time to level/skill up second characters.

2.- Maybe you can stand near to a small respawn and every X minutes you go killed the spawn and wait. On places like Elven Furys can get profit easy.

3.- Do something not related with Tibia, read book, see a movie/serie, drawing etc...
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Loot imbuement /addon items.

People only loot this items if they actually are hunting for exp and lil bit of profit but if you do this for 5 hrs ea day you will have an extra profit for sure

Kill creactures to get charms

Im sure you already have those charm points but if you dont, do it.
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